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Tue Oct 24 21:27:56 EDT 2006

I voted for it long ago.
This bug is over two years old and still listed as "unconfirmed". It 
has 83 votes.
Little wonder so many people refuse to waste time with bugzilla.
I wish the Rev team would get serious about bugs in general and 
printing in particular. Doesn't look like either is likely to happen 
any time soon.
Paul Looney

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   Hello all, 
 I have an app that produces labels from a Dymo label printer. These 
 labels include a barcode which I calculate and display using a barcode 
 font, then they get printed. This works perfectly on one computer. 
 Then I tried running it on another computer and every time I try to 
 print I get an error saying "can't end last page". Then the app gets 
 stuck on a dialog that has a cancel button which achieves nothing. I 
 have to quit the app, which I can do normally (I don't have to force 
 Using the software that came with the printer, I can print perfectly, 
 so the printer drivers and the printer are fine, it seems to be a Rev 
 problem. Has anyone else encountered this error and if so, do you know 
 of a workaround. 
 On a related note, this app frequently needs to swap printers as it 
 prints labels on the Dymo printer and reports on a laser printer. This 
 is a real pain for the users as Rev has no way of storing & setting 
 page setups or printer preferences. I have to ask them to do Page 
 setup every time they print! If this is also a problem for you, 
 please consider voting for Bug #1619 
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