record sound kills USB audio output

Luis luis at
Tue Oct 24 12:28:45 EDT 2006


Not 'option for Audio Output' but in the section named 'Audio Output': 
Change the frequency setting there.

Try it, betcha it works!



Dan Soneson wrote:
>> Yep, this is a weird one. I've had it happen with some USB headphone/
>> speaker sets, finally tracked it down to OS X.
>> Go to: applications/Utilities/ and double-click 'Audio MIDI Setup'
>> In 'Audio Output' change the frequency setting from where it's at, as
>> it has been changed (don't ask me why...). Say change it from 44100
>> Hz to 32000 Hz and you should have sound pop back.
> I don't think this has anything  to do with MIDI. In fact, there is no 
> option
> for Audio Output in  the "Audio MIDI Setup."
> I checked the system with "Amadeus II," a sound editing program, and the 
> headset worked fine. I could record and playback through the USB headset 
> just
> fine. I then checked with a program that I had written in Director, 
> using the
> Sound Xtra to record. This also worked fine. I could record through the 
> microphone
> of the headset and hear the audio playback through the headset headphones.
> However, as soon as I record something in Revolution, calling the 
> "record sound" command,
> the headphones on the USB headset go dead. And they are dead for any 
> audio in the computer.
> The only way to get audio back into the headset is to reboot the 
> machine. I can change the
> audio out to the built-in speakers in the computer and that plays back 
> just fine. I just can't
> get the audio to go through the USB headset.
> These headsets are Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. I may just have to 
> go back to
> my Plantronics headsets with the iMic, but they have proven to be not 
> very long lasting
> with regard to the microphones. I was hoping to find a more robust 
> solution. Since this
> is a lab classroom, we can't have audio playing through computer 
> speakers, and we need
> to have audio working.
> The problem persists on Intel iMacs, PPC iMacs and my G4 Desktop system.
> I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Dan
> Dan Soneson
> Director, Language Lab
> Southern CT State University
> New Haven, CT. 06515
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