Transparent stacks....

Bill Marriott wjm at
Mon Oct 23 09:06:03 EDT 2006

Not intending to take the thread off-topic, but:

What is the recommended way (if there is one) to have a resizable stack that 
also has a custom shape? For example if you wanted to have rounded corners.

I tried at first going down the "transparent stack" route with opaque 
objects on it to create the appearance of a windowshape. But that didn't 
work for the reasons already mentioned.

It would seem that the only way would be to have five or more stacks that 
all monitor/update their positions -- one each for the corners (with the 
windowshape) and one for the "central" region that is no-decorations.

"Klaus Major" <klaus at> wrote in 
message news:353F2D3E-1B54-4FDA-8CB6-A6FBC7D54EC9 at
> Simply set the windowshape to noe again and you can examine the stack.
> There is an image "wtest1.png" that I created in Photoshop.
>> What is the image for - was
>> that to generate an alpha channel for the stack mask?
> Yes! It is completely tranparent except for the rects where the  buttons 
> are.
>> So basically to create see through background and opaque controls  you 
>> need
>> to use an image mask for the stack... something I have to go figure :)
> Yes, see above.
>> And there is absolutely no way to get a "glass" like effect - that is
>> transparent but no click through.
> Sorry, I have no idea. As Ian said this is probably an OS dependant 
> "feature"
> but should not happen at all in my opinion.
>> Closest you can get is with 90 something %
>> transparency (blendin or mask).

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