Transparent stacks....

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 23 05:03:19 EDT 2006

Hi David,

> Ok - that was fun! Had a look at the stack Klaus - still figuring  
> it out -
> little hard when everything is transparent :)

Simply set the windowshape to noe again and you can examine the stack.
There is an image "wtest1.png" that I created in Photoshop.

> What is the image for - was
> that to generate an alpha channel for the stack mask?

Yes! It is completely tranparent except for the rects where the  
buttons are.

> So basically to create see through background and opaque controls  
> you need
> to use an image mask for the stack... something I have to go figure :)

Yes, see above.

> And there is absolutely no way to get a "glass" like effect - that is
> transparent but no click through.

Sorry, I have no idea. As Ian said this is probably an OS dependant  
but should not happen at all in my opinion.

> Closest you can get is with 90 something %
> transparency (blendin or mask).


Klaus Major
klaus at

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