Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Sat Oct 21 13:09:00 EDT 2006

Lynn Fredricks - Worldwide Business Operations - Runtime Revolution, Ltd 
>>> Runtime doesn't get these reports. The only way to be sure that the
>>> team sees your report is to enter it into Bugzilla. That is the one
>>> and only venue that assures the problem will be noticed.
>> Just an example of the Rev team limiting their awareness ("we
>> don't read the
>> listserv") at the expense of product quality.
> The core engineering team uses Bugzilla. If they have to spend time 
> through other venues that's time they cant spend on fixing and featuring
> Rev. Engineering also reads the Improve list, but again, there's a limit 
> the amount of time they can spend on that.

Lynn, it is my understanding, as stated by J. Landman Gay in an earlier 
post, that CRASH reports get top priority to be fixed. What you are saying 
is that the one free and automatic crash reporting mechanism that is 
available to Runtime is ignored over the preferred and cumbersome 
Bugzilla. Users of "customer released" software are usually trying to run 
a business and get work done using the software. In most cases, after a 
crash, they will simply start it up again and keep working. If Runtime 
doesn't have resources to sit and sift through every crash report, 
couldn't they at least collect them? Then run a rev script on the 
collected data each week to determine how many of each kind of crash users 
are experiencing? To simply ignore this and put on blinders is nothing 
more than using your paying customers as beta testers and unpaid data 
entry clerks. I am sticking to 2.6.1 for now... no time for 2.7.4b.

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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