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Dear Greg,

Live Stage from Totally Hip Software is supposed to do Rollover's in  


On Oct 21, 2006, at 10:22 AM, GregSmith wrote:

> As far as the simplest solution for authoring in "standalone"  
> QuickTime
> format, whether for web presentation or anything else, given the  
> available
> interactivity built into QuickTime, itself - Cleaner 6.5, (for  
> Mac), and, I
> believe Cleaner XL, (for Windows) seems to be the ticket.   
> Outrageously
> priced if you were buying this product for the limited  
> interactivity it
> offers, but you would also get all of those wonderful compression  
> routines
> and batch processing along with it.
> Now, here is an example of a small fish being swallowed by a bigger  
> fish who
> was, in turn, swallowed by an even bigger fish.  Terran Interactive  
> was
> gobbled up by Discreet who was utterly consumed by AutoDesk, the  
> Atlantic
> cod of software distributors.
> The interactive features that Cleaner quickly makes authorable are:
> Hotspots that allow jumping to a given time or simply to play from  
> the time
> of the Hotspot to the next pause, (pause is also a feature), or to
> substitute one movie in place of the one playing, or open a URL.  It
> supports "Chapter" markers with accompanying text blurb, text tracks,
> markers and keyframes.
> But even with all of this functionality, QuickTime, and the authoring
> packages that support it, just doesn't compare with the kind of
> interactivity possible with Flash and its associated authoring  
> tools.  Just
> as an example, for the life of me, I can't find any way to author a  
> simple
> "rollover" button within an interactive QuickTime movie.  This just  
> wipes me
> out.  Or, keeping the movie looping within a certain series of  
> frames until
> an event happens - what gives?
> I like QuickTime better, since it really is a kind of operating  
> system, in
> itself.  You can put almost any kind of media in a QuickTime movie,  
> and it
> plays on iPods, for crying out loud.  Somebody, somewhere is missing a
> couple of golden opportunities, if you ask me.
> Greg Smith
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