Bill's Boycott - was Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1 (Vista Install)

Judy Perry jperryl at
Sat Oct 21 02:00:04 EDT 2006

Oh, Stephen...

Do we really need to go down that street?

It's not nice to imply that "hobby" users are not "serious":  the two are
NOT mutually exclusive.  They may pay less for a license, but they get
less, too, and, still, they PAY.

While not Bill Marriott-possibly hopping mad about the subscription model
vis-a-vis (long?)standing bugs, still I can see a few points to his
argument, which is how can one blindly keep ka-chinging into Rev's coffers
when one can't know how it will personally pay off?

I really suspect that it wouldn't be much fun to be a *nix user to keep
raiding the kitty to get... what exactly again?  And, while rather alot of
the *nix distro problems aren't Rev's fault, still, why should *nix users
keep paying and not getting too much in return?

Also, even some of us hobby users 'step up to the plate' in a fashion.  I
buy what I can (either personally and/or via my students and my
department -- really short change, I must admit) less because it actually
helps me in the classroom but rather because I wish to do what I can do
to help keep the Revolution 'keep on creepin' on like a bird that flew'
(apologies to Dylan).

Please, let us shoot the message, not the messenger because, as you so
aptly note, it's about community.


On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Stephen Barncard wrote:

> so, you're not even an Enterprise user....and yet complaining about
> update costs...sheeesh.
> Sorry, this is not a hobby for me, I'm serious about this thing.

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