Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Fri Oct 20 13:05:43 EDT 2006

So... why don't you just stay in 2.6.1?
Nobody's forcing you to be 'on the edge'.


>I do most of my work with DreamCard 2.6.1 and think it
>is fantastic!
>It looks, to me, as the culmination of all the work
>since RR 1. 2.7 and
>Co look "wonky".
>And I have only two questions for the generally very
>good and
>hard-working people at Runtime Revolution:
>1. Why have you been infected by the urge to upgrade
>at a ferocious
>rate, including a file format change which seems to
>serve no obvious
>A more settled pace of development and upgrade release
>might result
>in more quality control and give us an impression of
>mature stability
>rather than something intent on creative burn-out.
>2. Yes, Bill Marriott (and tons of others), have done
>a lot of work which,
>in one way or another must have contributed to RR's
>financial success
>- isn't it time to cut them some slack?
>sincerely, Richmond Mathewson

stephen barncard
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