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Tue Oct 17 20:28:12 EDT 2006

Oh, yes, this is very interesting indeed: I've just start using stacks
on the web instead of plain text CGI's.

Your model shows a lot of potential. Given that there are a finite
number of UI designs for a slide show that would work in
any given web context. (5 to 10 at the most --
variations in the image sizes, vertical vs horizontal orientation
of photos etc..) one could store 10 different "packageLoop_1.txt"
parameter sets in the stack and then call these
with a single param in the GET request.

Which does over come one of the "constraints" I
  had seen in terms of flexibility. I can distribute ImageReady
droplets to the content production team to output photos
to these specs.  Conceivably one could even read the load
image 1 into imagedata and get it's rect and *then* set up the
  show params based on that--dynamically.

My larger question has to do with whole issue of viability of the model.

iFrame+Rev CGI (engine loading on each hit) VS AJAX.
If I knew a bit more about, and if it were possible to,
control input, read and write to the browser cache, then we
could really do some interesting things by storing stuff client side.

On Expert's Exchange Web dev sections, iFrame seems to
be "alive and well" as a forward moving web object.

If anyone one knows any other EMBED things we can poke
with Rev CGI's I would be all ears.

I know the whole idea of loading some mini rev executable into
the client has been discussed, but the security issue is there.
Still if the JAVA engine is loaded in your OS and you have JAVA
doing stuff, I don't see how that is any less "dangerous"

The idea being some how to "go beyond the browser" and
let the user still use the browser as the window. Since
everyone is so in love with browsers... but, imagine if

target="revWindow" opened a rev stack instead of a window
in the browser... (I'm dreaming too much again...)


Jim Ault wrote:
> On 10/16/06 11:32 PM, "Sivakatirswami" <katir at> wrote:
>> My main headaches had to do with paths and lineoffset and the fact
>> that "the files" of a default folder so not necessarily in alpha order
>> by default... anyway... it works.
> Suggestion for the issue of variable parameters passed to the rev.cgi that
> might work for you
> I do some slide show manipulation/direction in Flash, and my system uses a
> Rev stack to publish a text file I call 'packageLoop.txt'.  This contains
> several parameters that (in my case) are read by the Flash swf.
> My Rev stack handles all the path names, naming conventions, format
> checking, etc, as well as the titles, subtitles, locations, and more.
> ----32 params----  
> ----saved in the same folder as the images, always the same name
> ----now the order of the jpgs is in order of the list appearance
> ----and the same image can be used more than once
> ---------packageLoop.txt---
> vimgarr=awardsTennis005.jpg^awardsTennis010.jpg^awardsTennis020.jpg^awardsTe
> nnis030.jpg^awardsTennis040.jpg^awardsTennis050.jpg^awardsTennis060.jpg^awar
> dsTennis070.jpg^awardsTennis080.jpg^awardsTennis090.jpg^awardsTennis100.jpg^
> yyytanBgwfg4q00.jpg^zzztanBgwfg4q00.jpg
> &vimgXArr=0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0
> &vimgYArr=0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0
> &vimgFadeInStartArr=100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100
> &vimgFadeInEndArr=100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100
> &vimgFadeInIncrmArr=2^2^2^2^2^2^2^2^2^2^2^2^2
> &vimgFadeInDurArr=0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0
> &vimgHesArr=1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000^1000
> &vimgFadeOutStartArr=100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100
> &vimgFadeOutEndArr=0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0
> &vimgFadeOutIncrmArr=8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8
> &vimgFadeOutDurArr=10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10
> &vimgXscaleArr=100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100
> &vimgYscaleArr=100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100^100
> &vImgFolderPath=swfLoop1/jpgsToUse
> &vOvlayCnt=1
> &vOvLayFolderPath=
> &vBkDropCnt=1
> &vBkDropFolderPath=
> &vSwfBasicVer=1139737304†Sunday 2/12/06†1:41 AM
> &vcptColorArr=0x800517^0xece5c6^0xece5c7^0xece5c8^0xece5c9^0xece5c10^0xece5c
> 11^0xece5c12^0xece5c13^0xece5c14^0xece5c15^0xece5c16^0xece5c17^
> &vcptXArr=20^20^20^20^20^20^20^20^20^20^20^20^20^
> &vcptYArr=330^330^330^330^330^330^330^330^330^330^330^330^330^
> &vcptTxtArr=<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I> ^<I>
> ^
> &vsubTitleColorArr=
> &vsubTitleXArr=
> &vsubTitleYArr=
> &vsubTitleTxtArr=
> &vmainTitleColorArr=
> &vmainTitleXArr=
> &vmainTitleYArr=
> &vmainTitleTxtArr=
> &vSwfName=awardsTennis
> Hope this gives you some ideas
> Jim Ault
> Las Vegas
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