CGI for Slide show

David Bovill david at
Wed Oct 18 22:28:53 EDT 2006

I really think forgetting Java for this is clear. A standard one off flash
or AJAX solution with variable data passed to it via a Rev based backed
seems solid to me. Of course it could be any programming language not just
Rev, but there is absolutely no reason not to use a Rev stack based cgi.

In general it would be "cooler" (who cares) to use an AJAX solution - you
may be able to get slightly more browsers supporting a simple css/javascript
version? But easier to use a Flash based solution.

For me I want to explore the AJAX solution with the Rev "cgi" responding to
either an XMLHTTP request or a simpler javascript call with rev responding
with JSON output containing teh sort of data contained in the
packageloop.txt. But that is mainly because of the more general implications
of cracking that sort of web gui  issue.

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