altSplash gotcha

kee nethery kee at
Wed Oct 18 19:05:02 EDT 2006

I'm using Chip's altSplash system for the apps I build (thanks Chip!)  
and today I ran into something that stumped me for quite some time.

Maybe it's always been this way but ... when you build a standalone,  
you can have various code sets (XML, Video, etc) either added  
automatically into the standalone based upon the scripts in the  
standalone, or you can specify which code sets you want included into  
your standalone. The default on my development environment switched  
to automatic (it decides based upon the scripts in the standalone)  
and that caused problems.

My standalone is altSplash and it has very little of the technology  
used in the actual stack that does the real work. So my app worked  
fine on my machine but not at all on other machines. I had to  
recompile the altSplash for that app and tell it to include all the  
technology needed by my actual stack, so that my actual stack would  
have access to that stuff.

Now it works fine but it was difficult to troubleshoot because when I  
was running from altSplash, I didn't have access to the debugger to  
step through things. And when I did have the debugger, it worked  
fine. Live and learn.

Kee Nethery

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