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On Oct 15, 2006, at 6:17 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 10/15/06 4:18 PM, "Dar Scott" <dsc at> wrote:
>> So, my question to all, since it seems to be OK and even "in" to use
>> abbreviations, how about for examples on this list where newbies read
>> scripts?  Should those be spelled out or should newbies learn to read
>> abbrev early?  (The word "should" should be read in the most generous
>> sense in all places.)
> Personally, I think that newbies should be exposed to all forms of
> Revolution programming so that they can make their own decisions on  
> how they
> want to code.
>> Slightly related:  I sometimes use f(x) instead of 'the f of x' where
>> I think it is more readable, especially within a more math-like
>> expression.
> It's funny you mention it, I was looking at someone else's code  
> today, and
> noticed they were getting the path to the Temporary folder in this  
> way:
>   put the specialFolderPath of "Temporary" into TempFolder
> This seemed quite odd to me because I've always used the  
> specialFolderPath
> function with parentheses... and it also seemed odd to me because  
> it didn't
> follow what I felt was "English" convention - it should have been  
> something
> like:
>   put the specialFolderPath of the folder "Temporary" into TempFolder
> So sometimes it "makes sense" to use "the f of x" format, and  
> sometimes it
> makes sense to use the "f(x)" format. It all depends on what "makes  
> sense"
> to whom...
>> Oh, and here is one Andre might understand, "cd" looks like "cdr" to
>> me, an "abbreviation" for "first".
> Pardon me, but how does "cdr" act as an abbreviation for "first"?  
> (Sorry, I
> don't "get it"). :-)
> To me, I automatically replace the abbreviations with the  
> appropriate noun
> while I'm reading it... so I don't read this:
>   put the text of fld 1 of bg "Test" into tTemp
> as
>   "put the text of fuld one of bee-gee Text into tee-Temp"
> but as:
>   "put the text of field one of background Text into tee-Temp"
> To each their own, I say... whatever is most comfortable and  
> efficient...
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