IDE gone unstable with stack menu change

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Oct 16 16:50:11 EDT 2006

Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I'm about finished with the stack so I checked the box then all hell 
> broke loose.
> 1. Everything shifted up when the menus were removed. I sort of expected 
> this and thought that I could simply move everything down appropriately 
> and get on with life. (BTW it would be nice if it didn't shift 
> everything up.) Perhaps there is a way to avoid this.

It's supposed to move everthing up, that's how it works. In reality the 
positions of the objects haven't changed; the only thing that has 
happened is that the area of the card where the menubar is located is 
hidden. You shouldn't really need to move any of the other objects, but 
rather design your stack with the understanding that the bottom of the 
menu group will be the visible "top" of the card. In reality, the pixel 
location of the "top" of the card is really about 26 pixels down, it's 
just that the first 26 pixels are off screen on a Mac.

Everything else should work exactly as it used to. If you want more 
space at the top of the visible area of the card, just make your menu 
group shorter, or else during design, leave more space between the 
bottom of the menu group and the rest of the objects.

> 2. As I start to move things back down, dragging the fields, buttons, 
> etc. sometimes it works but sometimes it leaves trailing images. Also 
> the screen doesn't update itself properly (blank areas where there 
> should be something and/or editing a group shows objects not in the 
> group). These almost always result in the IDE crashing. Sometimes 
> reopening the last saved version of the stack (which looked ok before 
> the save) opens the window much shorter than what it should.

None of these things are normal, there must be something else going on. 
I've never seen this behavior. How tall is your menu group?

The shorter card window is the engine trying to accomodate for the menu 
group shift. Try saving the stack with editmenus set to true; sometimes 
that helps.

> I'll contact RunRev about this for support but I'm in a pickle on this 
> and was wondering if anyone else has seen this and, even better, has a 
> fix for it.

If you haven't already, read the discussion about menus that begins 
here, and then follow the links:


There is also an excellent scripting conference stack on menus here:


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