Porter-Duff demo stack

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Thu Oct 12 20:00:36 EDT 2006

I have a very limited, tiny, one-card demo showing the Porter-Duff  
ink values.  It does not have the workaround for Revolution using  
"clip-to-self"; I tried to keep this very simple.

Just type this to the message box:

     go URL "http://www.swcp.com/dsc/freedownload/PDdemo.rev"

All it does is allow you to try grouped ink Porter-Duff compositing  
operators with a couple graphics with and with a blend level on the  
graphics.  I put this on a patterned background so you can see what  
parts are transparent.  You should be able to rip this apart.

This does NOT hide the concerns in bug 3894.  Because of that, you  
have to squint to see the full power of Porter-Duff.

This does not have examples on how to use ink in this way.

The stack does no file I/O and it doesn't touch the network. It is  
only 6K.

(I did put in a mouseEnter and mouseLeave to show that the ink does  
not affect the GUI events.)


PS:  Did I say that this stack does not have the workaround for the  
ink clipping?

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