Resizestack: sending and passing problem

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Oct 12 18:38:25 EDT 2006


Try this:
set the width of this stack to 300
send "resizeStack" to this stack

You need to 'send' the message for it to work.

that will do the necessary resizing for you. Another VERY helpful tip
on WinXP is to right-click the desktop choose properties to show the
Display Properties panel, then click the Effects button in the
Appearance tab. Uncheck "Show window contents while dragging."

This will only execute the resizeStack handler once, at the end of the
window resizing. Great for debugging and not getting caught in the
endless 'resizeStack' loop which you have to quit out of. Once you get
your resizeStack handler working, you can go back and check the button
you unchecked.

best, Chipp

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