XML error/question

Ton Kuypers tkuypers at dmp-int.com
Thu Oct 5 09:29:37 EDT 2006


I have a question on using XML files in Revolution, when they are  
saved as UTF8 files.

The file I try to parse:
	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The XML is saved as UTF8 because of the "strange" characters (like  
the "μ" in the concentration-node).

When I use "put revCreateXMLTree(vData,true,true,false) into vXMLid"  
I get the error "xmlerr, can't parse xml. Extra content at the end of  
the document"
When I use revCreateXMLTreeFromFile the same result...
Only when I save the file as a plain text file, I get the expected  
ID, but then I loose the correct info in the XML file...

Anyone any suggestions?

I'm using RR 2.7.2 on OS X 10.4.8.

Warm regards,

Ton Kuypers
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