[OT] - REALBasic Claims 100K Users

Lynn Fredricks lynn at paradigmasoft.com
Wed Oct 4 18:22:38 EDT 2006

> I wonder what the 'paid' installed base for RB is? That all 
> said, I do believe the 100K number is a good marketing ploy. 
> It would make me more confident in a proprietary development product.
> I wonder what Rev's (combined with MC's) total number of 
> downloads would be?
> It seems if they could make a case for a large number (like 
> RB), then it might also help in the marketing spiel. After 
> all, I doubt Lynn will jump in with any sort of disclaimer if 
> Rev releases
> numbers--(waiting...)

RB has had the Linux freebie since it shipped; on the other hand, Rev
started to give away versions on cover disks many years before REAL started
this practice.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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