Hypercard to Studio conversion

Gordon Shimizu gshimizu at santarosa.edu
Wed Oct 4 16:57:21 EDT 2006

Hello Jacque,
Start the clock!  Please keep track of your time and I will send you billing
information for your services.

I tried this in various places (stack script, card script, and the button).
In the stack script location, it was in the openStack script.  It doesn't
make any sense to put it into the card or button script but I did it anyway
out of desperation (frustration!)

>    get the filename of this stack -- path to your main directory stack
>    set the itemDelimiter to slash -- all file paths use slashes
>    put item 1 to -2 of it into theFolderPath -- negatives count from the
> end of the string
>    set the defaultfolder to it -- now the default folder location is set

I have the converted HC stacks in one dedicated folder. I guess I'm not
putting it in the right place in my main directory stack to go the
subdirectory stack and eventually to the specific topic stack.


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