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If you "start using" a stack (thus making it a library) that is  
already open OR one that exists only as a file waiting to be opened,  
it becomes one of your library stacks.

You can clearly see the new library stack in the Galaxy Projects  
folder called "libraries". I just tried this with a stack that was  
not yet opened. It worked great.


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On Oct 4, 2006, at 10:49 AM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> Folks - I'm trying to decide on a strategy for a library suite for  
> a set of apps. I have never had to do this systematically before. I  
> would like my library to consist of scripts (handlers which are  
> common to the various apps) and stacks (for example stacks for the  
> preparation of printed pages). To this end I am exploring the  
> 'start using' command, and I've just read Richard G's very useful  
> "Extending the Runtime Revolution Message Path".
> It seems to me that 'start using' can invoke a mainstack (rather  
> than just a substack of the calling app) and presumably the library  
> mainstack can have substacks although so far I don't know how their  
> scripts (or the scripts of any objects in the library system) fit  
> into the message path. What I don't understand is whether the stack  
> one 'starts using' is actually opened at that point. In the IDE  
> (well, Galaxy) it doesn't seem to be - in other words there is a  
> difference between making the script of a stack available and  
> making the stack itself available.
> How do people approach the problem of a library of stacks, which  
> might for example be visible to the user, and might contain  
> controls such as buttons? I see that this is different from  
> extending the message path, but I am not clear if there is any  
> formal mechanism for doing this at all. Perhaps it's just a matter  
> of bundling the library stacks in with the app, tho one might have  
> to take steps to avoid the app and its libraries getting separated.  
> Maybe I'm just thinking about it the wrong way...
> TIA for any clarification.
> Ignorantly
> Graham
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