[OT] - REALBasic Claims 100K Users

Lynn Fredricks lynn at paradigmasoft.com
Wed Oct 4 14:36:37 EDT 2006

> In a press release <http://www.macmegasite.com/node/3201> 
> today, REALBasic indicated its product now produces Universal 
> Binaries, but I found it more intriguing that they claim 
> 100,000 users of their product. I can't believe that's a real 
> number but if it is, they have clearly been doing a lot of 
> growing in the past 12-18 months, probably at the expense of 
> VB which has driven its users away in droves with its stupid 
> "take .NET or go away"
> approach.

Something to keep in mind is the following:

1. They have a free linux version.
2. They did a massive giveaway of their Windows version a few years ago, and
more than once.
3. 1&2 numbers can be used as numbers for "developers" even if there is no
real proof the developer didn't simply delete after downloading.

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Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
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