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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Oct 3 14:36:50 EDT 2006


What is the script of your button exactly? It should be something like

on mouseUp
   put lookupchar("c")
end mouseUp

Why did you create a field "EditedField"? AFAIK, you don't need that.



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Op 3-okt-2006, om 19:51 heeft Adrian Williams het volgende geschreven:

>> -- field "input" contains list of chars which should be replaced,  
>> eg "ABC"
>> -- field "output" contains your desired output chars in matching  
>> order, eg "123"
>> function lookupchar tchar
>>    get offset (tchar,field "input")
>>    if it = 0 then return tchar else \
>>            return char it of field "Output"
>> end lookupchar
> So... I made a new main Stack: lookup.rev,
> created three fields: editedText, input, output,
> and a button to run the script.
> ABC is first line of 'input' field.
> 123 is first line of output filed.
> in field editedText, ABC is entered.
> Button is pressed.
> Result: "Error in handler"
> Hint: function.
> This function should work in its own right - yes?
> Adrian

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