tab though cells

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Tue Oct 3 18:44:17 EDT 2006

On 10/3/06, Robert Mann <robmann at> wrote:
> I have two columns of cells many rows long, how can I set it up so that I
> can tab through them starting at the first row first cell A1, then move to
> column two A2, then to B1 then B2 and so on, right now the tab seems to be
> tied to the ID number so it jumps around to the next ID number,
> is there an easier way than recreating the cells in the order I want the
> tabs to work?

Robert, it sounds like your cells are all separate fields - is that
correct? If that is so, then you just need to set the layers in the
order you want to tab through them. The inspector has a convenient
button for doing this. Select all your fields in the order you want to
tab through them, then open the Inspector on the Align tab. At the
bottom there are 2 buttons and I can never remember which one to use,
but basically, they re-layer all the selected objects either from
front to back or from back to front. My method is to use one, test and
then use the other :-)


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