[OT] Installing SheepShaver (was Re: Classic Emulators)

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Tue Oct 3 17:08:50 EDT 2006

On 10/3/06 2:48 PM, "Jim Carwardine" <JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com>

> I successfully installed Os 9 into SheepShaver.  Although I created a hard
> disk - OS9HD - as you suggested, when I loaded OS 9, it loaded into a hard
> disk called "untitled" which I retitled OS9HD when the system was up and
> running.  It seems to be the same disk.  At least the untitled disk was the
> same size as the size I had specified when I set up SheepShaver.

> I'm wanting to approach SheepShaver like it was the Classic window in OSX on
> the PPC meaning that I want to access files on my OSX hard disk from the
> SheepShaver window.  However, although I can't anything that looks like a
> users guide for SheepShaver, it looks like I need to load files and
> applications into the SheepShaver environment by burning the files I want to
> move to SheepShaver onto a CD ROM and then reading it in SheepShaver.

Well, it turns out that the instructions for making a shared folder are
faulty - apparently shared folders don't work well in the current version of
SS. However you can do this instead: Fire up Disk Utility and make a .dmg
file that is the size you want to use for "sharing". In the SheepShaver GUI
window click the "Add..." button in the Volumes tab, and select the .dmg
file you created, and Quit SheepShaver GUI. When you want to copy files from
OS X to OS 9, mount your .dmg in OS X by double-clicking it, drag files into
it, and then eject the mounted volume. Then, launch SheepShaver and when you
get to the OS 9 desktop, you'll have another hard drive there, which is your
.dmg file. You can do this in reverse as well to get things from OS 9 to OS

The only caveat is that you get very unpredictable results if you attempt to
keep the .dmg mounted in OS X at the same time as SS is running... files
have been lost and the .dmg can get corrupted, so make sure you fully
unmount the drive (imagine you're putting something on a floppy in one
machine to carry to the next machine).


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