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Oh dear, what have I done...

See inline replies.

On 1 Oct 2006, at 8:16, Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:

> On 10/1/06 2:00 AM, "Luis" <luis at> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
>> That's the thing that always gets me: The 'connections' cost.
>> One of the plus sides of Open Source is there are no connection costs
>> for your database, you decide on the limitations/access rights/
>> priviliges (delete where least confusing).
>> I'm not knocking commercial databases for charging for their product,
>> but I will for that very simple limitation (yes, I do see it as a
>> limitation).
>> It's especially limiting for those on a shoestring budget with great
>> ideas, and the commercial vendors lose out because of this: You have
>> this great idea for an app, you see great technology in a commercial
>> database, but you can't afford the unlimited connections licence.
>> Your product will not sell on the basis of 5 connections, so you look
>> around again and notice the Open Source alternatives. What to do...
>> What to do...
> Ken already have point what to do.
> CALL to mySQL company, CALL to Paradigma Software.
> Try negotiate special win-win deal.

Can't afford long distance calls...

>> You incorporate the Open Source database, commercial
>> vendor loses a potential client.
> Lets clarify again.
>         Open Source not always == FREE
> So using of term Open source is not accurate here.

How can you validate a logical argument with a 'not always'? AND  
without 'clarifying' your argument!
Following _that_ logic, you are incorrect. Examples of free (as in NO  
connection costs, the basis of my argument) databases: PostgreSQL,  
Derby, HSQLDB, etc, etc.

'My' time in creating the database is not free. And regardless of the  
solution, Commercial or Open Source, there needs to be someone to  
maintain it, whether that is via vendor support or inhouse techie. So  
neither are free in the sense that time is money: Either paying for  
support or being employed to do so.

>> Maybe, just maybe, in the future you
>> can then afford the commercial database: Do you switch to the
>> commercial/supported product? Do you risk changing the infrastructure
>> of your app?
>> Way I see it.
> Now let me give few my points :-)
> 1) I hope you know that DBMS market by price is still number one of  
> software
> market. Even although 10-15 years exists free db solutions. Why?
> Why people still pay 7-8 billions of dollars per year for  
> commercial DBs ?
> Try to think about this.
> 2) when you say about interesting project which need unlimited,
>     I start wonder what this can be a project?
>     a) APPLICATION for small business office?
>         it needs unlimited? NO. It needs 5 connections in 80% cases
>     b) APPLICATION for Schools?
>         May need 20-50 connections in class.
>         but question is -- if they should be simultaneous ?

None of the above: It needs to be flexible enough to scale in  
connections without incurring a cost penalty (see named databases  
that offer this above).

>     Point is that Valentina offer royalty free Embedded Server with 5
>     simultaneous connections. It is easy write code which connect/ 
> disconnect
>     after send of query. We have developers that use this technique  
> for
>     schools. So they DO NOT need additional connections at all.

Again, it is a question of scale and simultaneous connections.

>     This connect/disconnect technique with success can handle
>     easy 20-50 clients around.
>     c) APPLICATION for Business Office with 50-100 users?
>     This is not small business. Such business is ready pay
>     for $20-70 at least per user/connection. If you sale for less
>     you loose your profit. So if you sale $20-70 its not big problems
>     pass $1-20 to db vendor ?
>     d) APPLICATION for Enterprise office with 1000 users?
>         See (c)

There are global companies with more than that number, regardless of  
how few per 'office'.

>     e) inet site?
>         this is not APPLICATION.

Where does it say that?

> So Luis, what project you can want?

Now, that would be telling...

> Again I want underline, Lynn have develop perfect license for  
> Valentina, to
> be able satisfy as $20-SHAREWARE developers, so small business and
> educational market developers. And if your needs not fit our  
> license you
> always can call to Lynn to make some special agreement.

That is your point of view. I expressed my opinion towards connection  
costs. Why are special agreements necessary when it could be easily  
resolved without concessions? Why would there be a need to change  
your model on the basis of a conversation?



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