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On 10/1/06 3:24 PM, "Lars Brehmer" <larsbrehmer at> wrote:

> My stack has a  
> windowShape (basically a rectangle with rounded corners used to avoid
> the standard controls), and when I lose that windowShape, your
> suggestions either worked perfectly (visual effect) or were no longer
> necessary (field insertion point.) And if I set the stack to no shape
> and set the decorations to empty, the fields and effects still work!
> So the new question is can a stack with a windowShape work properly
> in Windows?  No mention in the docs about fields and visual effects
> not working in stacks with windowShape.  I haven't tested it yet, but
> my guess the shape also has to do with "move" not working well.  Any
> ideas or experience with this?

Sounds like a bug to me... having a unique windowShape shouldn't affect
whether a field gets a displayable insertion point or not, nor should it
affect how object-based visual effects are implemented.

Looking in Bugzilla, it appears that a report was made about visual effects
being broken with windowshape windows in OS X (Bug #3274), but this was
reported as fixed in 2.7. Perhaps the problem was also in Windows and not
reported there?

And there is no entry AFAICT about the loss of an insertion point in
windowShaped windows.

So Lars, it sounds like you should create a couple of bug entries in
Bugzilla... if you haven't done that before, contact me offlist and I'll
tell you how.

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