First record status inconsistent using SQLite

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Fri May 26 05:02:51 EDT 2006

--- David Vaughan <dvk at> wrote:
> Using Rev 2.7.1 with AltSqlite/SQLite 3, I found
> inconsistent  
> behaviour (as I see it) with the function
> revdb_isbof alias  
> RevCurrentRecordIsFirst.
> Let us assume you find a record set comprising one
> record.
> -- revdb_isbof will be true (expected)
> -- revdb_iseof will be false (not expected)
> This is inconsistent.
> Let us now assume you find a record set comprising
> two records
> -- revdb_isbof will be true (tick)
> -- revdb_iseof will be false (tick)
> Now go to the Next (last) record
> -- revdb_isbof will be false (tick)
> -- revdb_iseof will be false (unexpected)
> Now, go back to the first record
> -- revdb_isbof will be false (unexpected, and
> inconsistent with our  
> starting state)
> -- revdb_iseof will be false (tick)
> So, the functions purporting to state whether you
> are at the first or  
> last record in a cursor will become true only when
> you attempt to go  
> _past_ the first or last record, rather than when
> you are at it.  
> However, the First Record function inconsistently
> returns true when  
> you first obtain the record set but not thereafter
> for the same  
> record position.
> Is this a Rev bug, a SQLite bug or an AltSQLite bug,
> or expected  
> (unexpectedly)?
> regards
> David

Hi David,

I remember an old discussion about when exactly you
were at the end of a cursor: on the last record, or
after you call revdb_movenext on the last record?
FoxPro seemed to think that the EOF() was _after_ the
last record, not on it.

In this case, I'd contact the Altuit people to verify
this behavior and whether or not it is consistent with
revdb standards.

Jan Schenkel.

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