The ssl library again

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Fri May 26 02:54:21 EDT 2006

On 26 May 2006, at 03:10, Mark Smith wrote:

> Dave, thanks for the response.
> On 25 May 2006, at 23:38, Dave Cragg wrote:
>> Mark, what OS and version are you using?
> I'm on 10.4.6 (G4 Powerbook). Rev 2.7.1
>> The timeout frequency seems to vary by url.
> For the service I'm trying to access, curl returns almost  
> immediately every time, which is why I suspect something is amiss  
> with the ssl & encryption lib.
> The wsdl for the service I'm trying to access is:

I'm able to get the data about 50% of tries. It almost seems that it  
works on every second attempt. I thought this might be significant,  
as the service leaves the connection open, so libUrl was re-using the  
same connection for subsequent attempts, and these were generally  
failing. It would then use a new connection for the next attempt, and  
these generally succeed. But there are exceptions to the pattern, so  
I don't think it is significant.

I'll try and test again later if I have access to an older version of  


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