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Re: opening email app in Windows


What's wrong with the revMail command or with revGoURL ""? You can
just leave the destination address behind.

The problem with using either revMail or revGoURL and a "mailto:"  
prefix is that both open up a new message in the email application.  
My stack will essentially always be used after the user has already  
started composing a message, and the function of the stack is to put  
some text on the clipboard (a signature with a quote inserted into  
it) for pasting into a mostly completed message. I suppose I could  
simply expand my stack to allow the user to compose the message  
entirely in the Rev environment, insert the signature on command,  
then use revMail to open a new message with the entire text ready to  
send, but that would mean duplicating all the functionality of an  
email app in Rev. I don't wish to re-invent the wheel. All I want is  
to be able to activate the email app's frontmost window (which will  
be the mostly-completed message).

If this is not do-able, my stack will still be OK, but automatically  
activating the email app window would provide a small convenience  
that would be a nice touch. And it works already on the Mac. At some  
point I will want to port this to Windows and I was trying to work  
out how to do this....

For those who missed or forgot my attempt to crib from the revGoURL  
backscript, I reproduce it below. If anyone out there knows windows  
shell commands well enough to help, I'd love some advice.... I wonder  
if I need a different queryRegistry argument to avoid opening a new  

(watch for long line wraps:)

else if the platform is "Win32" then -- Windows
   put queryRegistry("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command\")  
into tMailApp

   replace quote & "%1" & quote with pWhich in tMailApp
   -- ? comment out the above ?
   replace "%1" with pWhich in tMailApp
   -- ? comment out the above ?

   --  older versions use %l ("percent L")
   replace quote & "%l" & quote with pWhich in tMailApp
   -- ? comment out the above ?
   replace "%l" with pWhich in tMailApp
   -- ? comment out the above ?

   --  for Windows XP
   replace "%ProgramFiles%" with $ProgramFiles in tMailApp

   open process tMailApp for neither
end if

My question is regarding the pWhich variable substitutions. In the  
script for revGoURL, pWhich contains the email address, which I do  
not want to specify. If I simply don't substitute anything for "%1"  
in the result of the queryRegistry function, will Windows just  
activate the email app without objection?

-- Peter

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