near-real-time communication between an app in NY and an app in LA

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu May 18 15:57:49 EDT 2006

Another interesting setup is the one I just completed two minutes ago.

Using Alex Tweedly's UDP Client and Server stacks they are sending messages
to each other without 'looking' to my FTP server.

I do the same thing as you with the intermediary file server being a Mac set
to FTP with a second user login.  Works fine, works fast, has limits.

I have subscribed to a company data service that only uses UDP, so another
frontier for me.  I believe the main requirement is that the 'server' app be
at a static IP.   Now the 'send' command connects directly.

Of course, Alex is the guru here.

Good luck, and hopefully you will post your answer.  I might be in the same
situation in the next few months.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

PS  Go to RevOnline, User Spaces, 'alextweedly', and they are both there.

On 5/18/06 12:24 PM, "Josh Mellicker" <josh at> wrote:

> I type a number in a field on a card in LA
> A person in NY sees that number appear magically within seconds in
> the corresponding field on their card
> How do it know?*
> I am compiling a list of ways for two apps to "sync up" by sending
> simple packets of info to each other, through a central server:
> 1. socket communication a la Revchat
> 2. both apps updating and periodically checking a text file on the
> server accessible through http
> 3. both apps updating and periodically checking the value of a record
> in a MySQL database on the server
> The packets need to be stored in a MySQL database anyway, so I am
> leaning towards MySQL for simplicity, but running the same query
> every 3 seconds to see if a value has changed seems to be putting
> undue wear and tear on the MySQL server.
> is checking a remote text file faster than running a MySQL query? It
> seems like it would be.
> = = =  OT  = = =
> *The phrase "How do it know?" comes from the joke about the Thermos:
> "Sir, this Thermos keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold.
> "How do it know?"
> ---
> I used this once when purchasing a motion-activated outdoor security
> light at a Home Depot:
> The box said:
> "Welcomes Guests, Frightens Intruders"
> I pestered the salesperson: "How do it know?"
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