sample rates in audio

Mark Smith mark at
Wed May 17 02:18:15 EDT 2006

In my recent researches into wav and aiff formats I learnt that these  
formats allow for pretty much any word length - but as you say, they  
get stored as the next multiple of eight, padded with zeros. Maybe  
there's some issue of A to D and D to A conversion or  latency that  
makes it worthwhile to use 11 bits?

Given that each additional bit doubles the resolution, maybe there  
are worthwhile trade-offs involved.



On 17 May 2006, at 02:15, Stephen Barncard wrote:

> I don't know how rev would store an 11 bit wide word without waste.  
> Computers store info in their nice 8-wide world. It comes down to  
> parts and sanity. There are packing methods to do this - is that's  
> what's happening here?

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