custom properties vs. RR IDE properties

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun May 14 16:02:06 EDT 2006

Hi Ton,

> mmmm...
> and I thought I had it all figured out...
> Is there a way to use SETPROP to interact on setting properties  
> like hiding a window?
> I tried setting 2 properties :
> 	ON mouseUp
> 	    put empty into fld "Status1"
> 	    put empty into fld "Status2"
> 	    set the visible of stack "HideThis" to true
> 	    set the pTest of stack "HideThis" to "Here I Am"
> 	END mouseUp
> The stack "HideThis" contains the following scripts:
> 	SETPROP visible newValue
> 	    put newValue into fld "Status1"
> 	END visible
> 	SETPROP pTest newValue
> 	    put newValue into fld "Status2"
> 	END pTest
> After hiding and showing the stack, field "Status1" remains empty  
> while field "Status2" has got the text "Here I Am"
> And I really need to know when a stack is visible, I am working on  
> an app that is being used by another program that only can write  
> files to a harddisk or launch a program. At first I was thinking to  
> read the "in-file" every-time my app was launched, but this takes  
> to long. Now I want to read the "in-file" every-time my app is re- 
> launched but I'm stuck...
> Any help is welcome :-)

i think that "visible" is a reserved word or "build in" property, so  
setprop handler may have no effect at all.

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