Using Revolution only in a command line mode?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat May 13 12:32:50 EDT 2006

>I was wondering if anybody has used  Revolution in a non-Gui enviroment. I

I can't see why not. I haven't done it exactly in an app, but I use 
command-mode every day in the message box to test code snippets 
commands and functions. Your entire command line project could be a 
field on a card on a single stack. Make a 'splash screen' executable 
and put libraries of routines in a folder (and within the .app 
package on Mac OSX).

Programming a simple command line app would be an interesting change of pace.
Adapting a gui would be harder - but not impossible. Something could 
be rigged to the menupick could also employ a subset of 

The internal messaging system handles events.. your command line 
could be parsed for accuracy then 'sent' to the engine. (remember the 

If it were done for a VT-100 terminal standards, you could do a lot 
of fancy stuff with cursors placed wherever you want on the screen, 
simulating a windowed environment.

Theoretically, it should easier overall to make an app without a GUI 
than with. You can pass any number of parameters in a command line 
and get info or errors on return. Then 'all' you have to do is the 
business logic.

But of course it will be harder for newbies to use. You'll have to 
use 'modes' if things get complex.

I did several in Apple Basic. A lot of menus within menus for help ( 
?  ) makes it a bit easier to use. And then somebody wrote a 'strap 
on' gui thing for apple basic by '82 that allowed for different 
'windows' on screen and pulldown menus...and then lisa, then the 

>Hello everyone,
>I was wondering if anybody has used  Revolution in a non-Gui enviroment. I
>am finding several cases where telecom vendors don't support a windowing
>system on their linux products, only the command line. I believe that
>Metacard use to be able to run in this type of enviroment and hope that
>revolution would.
>Any help, direction or insight would be appreciated.

stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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