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Thu May 11 10:27:00 EDT 2006

Just a quick note about Zone Alarm that may not be pertinent anymore.  A
client of mine was using it on a single computer and the tech dept at Zone
Alarm said that their software wasn't really designed for that.  It was
recommended that he uninstall since it seemed to interfere with some of his

I have no details, but he was happy after the uninstall.  The tech person he
talked to was very professional and helpful.  This may not be your situation
but something to consider.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 5/10/06 3:19 PM, "Kurt Kaufman" <kkaufman at> wrote:

> Recently, Mark Wieder wrote:
>> If you are assigning static IP addresses to your locally networked
>> computers (and this is a good thing btw) *and* you have dhcp enabled
>> on your router, make sure you are assigning addresses outside the dhcp
>> address pool. For example, if the router will assign addresses
>> between and, you can safely assign a
>> computer an address of but will get you into
>> trouble some day.
> The gateway itself (as well as the default DNS server) uses
> and the range of addresses I have set Zone Alarm to
> permit is from to; all of our PCs are within
> that (inboard) range.  I flipped the numbers in my last message
> (; sorry!  I suppose those numbers are OK to use?
>> ...but I have to ask: does Zone Alarm give you any protection that the
>> firewall built into the router doesn't already do? I ask because I've
>> only ever seen Zone Alarm or the builtin Windows firewall cause
>> connection problems on computers that are already behind firewalls.
>> For my money, I would dump ZA and let the router do its thing.
> ZA claims that it blocks unspecified "intrusions" and "access
> attempts", but it also notifies me if Adobe or Intuit, for instance,
> is trying to send information over the Internet without my prior
> permission. This is above and beyond whatever the router may do, I
> guess.
> Kurt
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