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I did ask Chipp for his thoughts on custom properties used by an IDE  
component. I got some good ideas for using them by listening to his  

I came up with an idea based on use of custom props for Galaxy Lite  
(which is coming along nicely) that will change the way I'm able to  
work on projects and deal with interruptions (a constant, it would  
seem). I've been testing it in Galaxy Lite and I really like it.  
Those who want to find out about it and play with it should come to  
RevConWest (http://www.revconwest.com/revcon/fontcolor=redRegisterNOW! 

The initial tests i did this weekend on using html caching, for  
instance are dramatically fast. That is one fast bit of binary. I'm  
in favor of using the features of the language for the user's  
benefit...IDE performance and feature-wise. And in letting the user  
know about them, of course. A commercial product is also for the  
people who buy it, no?

The Rev IDE caches the htmlText of the object you were editing and I  
know why. Doing this reduces the code they need to support  
dramatically and also works VERY fast. I'm curious why they don't  
compress them, if they're going to leave them in the work product,  
however. Compressed html of a script adds 16 to 20 percent to the  
object size. Not doing so can double the size.

That said, I do think the user should also have the ability either  
through the IDE component or through another tool to strip any  
unwanted custom properties. I think it's called "wax on; wax off."


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On May 8, 2006, at 6:41 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Chipp Walters wrote:
> > Richard Gaskin wrote:
> >> There are also at least three other IDEs in the works, and to
> >> the best of my knowledge none of them alter custom properties.
> >
> > Constellation creates a custom property set. It's not as large
> > as the one in Rev. I've talked with Jerry about either creating
> > a 'clean stack' button, or adding the function into my altClean
> > plugin.
> Custom props are certainly useful, but more so if the user knows  
> what's happening.
> In the standalone builder I'm making it also uses a single custom  
> property, but before it's added it notifies the user and asks  
> permission, or lets the user save the metadata to a file.  For all  
> subsequent runs once the property has been added it no longer asks.
> Not all circumstances allow such flexibility, but at least letting  
> the use know is a step in the right direction (and of course  
> refraining from all use of custom props where any alternative will  
> work, such as colorizing on the fly rather than cashing a huge  
> htmlText version of the script).
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