The end of OS9 development

Judy Perry jperryl at
Sun May 7 02:23:21 EDT 2006

Hardware's not been our particular problem (yes, my Frankenlab STILL runs
OS 9!).

We have some POC microarchitecture sim that's Classic-only (I've just
tried to Google it but, well, ignorance is bliss and I can't rightly
recall: CPUSim?  I dunno).

BUT, while looking for the thingy we're tied to, I came upon this article:

"How Computers Really Work: A Children's Guide," [authors: Shirley
Crossley, Hugh Osborne, and William Yurcik, published in the Proceedings
of the Workshop on Computer Architecture Education (WCAE), Anchorage AK
USA, May 2002.]

This just seems SO DOABLE in Rev...

Any thoughts, fellow educators?


On Sat, 6 May 2006, Dan Shafer wrote:

> Mark....
> Yes, I'm aware that some channels and users -- notably education -- haven't
> been able to justify upgrading hardware to run OS X, but as you say, it's
> been four years. Time to bite the bullet, I say.

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