ungrouped group names reassigned to new groups

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Thu May 4 15:19:02 EDT 2006

Before entering this 'undocumented feature' into BZ, I wanted to find
out if anyone has already entered it. (I did search BZ but didn't find
any entries that looked similar.)


It's funny... in other contexts I've actually benefited from this Rev 
feature. Now in my current context it was a problem (I found a workaround).

Context (Rev 2.6.1, OS 10.4.6 - not tried on others):
I built a process that repurposes a document layout stack into a set of
print-ready rendered document pages. Along the way from layout to
rendered, the stack has some groups that get ungrouped, and their
objects get regrouped into different-than-original sets. As the new
groups are created, the process assigns names to them.

Some of the names my process assigned to the new groups were replaced by 
the names of those ungrouped ["old"] groups. All of the old group names 
were recycled this way. As a result, some new group names were wrong, 
hosing the subsequent document rendering process.

There were two old groups that were ungrouped, so before my new groups 
were created I did this:
    create group
    create image in last group -- maybe unnecessary
    create group
    create image in last group -- maybe unnecessary
    delete last group
    delete last group
This purged Rev's memory of the 2 old groupnames, and my process was 
then able to complete successfully, since the new groupnames were now 

Thanks -
Phil Davis

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