Scriptlimit in standalone application.

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu May 4 14:36:40 EDT 2006

Hi Damien,

Can you post (a part of) the script that causes the error? I can try  
it in a licensed version of 2.7.1.

Best regards,



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Op 4-mei-2006, om 17:39 heeft Girard Damien het volgende geschreven:

> Hi all,
> with the runrev 2.7.1 release, I have wanted to try it with my  
> software.
> But after converted all stack to runrev 2.7 and the launcher to  
> runrev 2.7.1,
> I launch the software and I have got this error : "license limit  
> exceeded"
> My software work like that, I have got a lot of stack which  
> registers their functions in back.
> (a lot of library, my project is a bit huge).
> With runrev 2.6.1, there is no problem, with runrev 2.7.1, this block.
> I have take a look at the Runrev 2.7.1 documentations, and in the  
> documentations is it said
> normal that standalone application are limited to 10 backscripts.
> So, why is the reason of this block ? and does this limit occurs on  
> licensed edition of Runrev ?
> (I am using evaluation for testing).
> Thanks,
> Damien

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