Changing Script In Standalone

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue May 2 11:06:07 EDT 2006


What you did should work with the following caveats.

As Stephen said, the number of lines in your field cannot be more than 
10. You may only use 'set the script of' controls with scripts of ten 
lines or less (not including the handler part if I remember correctly.)

So, creating dynamic scripting in a standalone is very difficult, if not 
impossible. I believe there was a free version with these same script 
limits which was the original purpose for setting the limits. Of course 
it also prevents others from creating a competing authoring environment.

Also, the changes to the button script will not be saved.

Bridger Maxwell wrote:
> Hey,
>  In one of my programs I use the "Set the script of object to string" alot,
> but when I recently switched over to 2.7.1 Studio and started to make
> standalone programs, I noticed that this no longer works.  For my test I
> made a field and two buttons, one button set the script of the other button
> to the field.  I typed a simple on mouseUp handler that answers a message.
> It worked when I did it in the development environment, but not as a
> standalone.  Does this mean that I can't change script from the
> user-interface after it has been saved as a standalone?  Can someone 
> give me
> the basic rundown of how Revolution compiles stacks into a standalone?

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