What happen with function screenloc() and screenrect()?

Gilberto Cuba gilbert at isphlg.rimed.cu
Fri Mar 31 09:48:41 EST 2006

Ken Ray, thank you very much for your answer.

I using 2.6.1 version and now I know to bind with this detail, because many 
many people that work with me in the national project use the 2.6.1 version 
and the version 2.7 have the incompatibilities with older versions.

Best regards,

Gilberto Cuba

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> On 3/29/06 1:19 PM, "Gilberto Cuba" <gilbert at isphlg.rimed.cu> wrote:
>> May any body tell me what I can to do? Because I tried to change the 
>> values
>> of windowBoundingRect and not work fine too.
> Are you using 2.7 or 2.6? The reason I ask is that in 2.6, your 
> application
> doesn't know whether the resolution is being resized while it is running,
> and so screenLoc(), etc. won't know about the new resolution unless you 
> quit
> your app and relaunch it. 2.7 includes the ability to know when the
> resolutoin has changed (it sends a "desktopChanged" message), but I'm not
> sure if it affects the screenLoc() function. But at least you can display 
> a
> message saying that the screen resolution has changed and you'll need to
> quit and relaunch the application.
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