OT: Apple at 30 - My Piece of the Big Fruit

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Fri Mar 31 02:39:53 EST 2006

Indeed, why not?

I used to be able to do this in my FrankenLab... NetaTalk, anyone?

We can't do this anymore even outside of my truly FUBAR'd lab???  (see how
ignorance is bliss?  all this time, I thought it was just our screwed-up


On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Andre Garzia wrote:

> what about me that love my mac but hate the finder... Why, for the
> love of God, can't we mount a FTP drive as a Read and Write volume?
> Even I can implement a simple finder-like solution in Rev that can do
> that, why Billions-worth Apple can't Fix The Finder!!!! Why can't we
> search the extended attributes, why the thing must stop responding
> for freaking 45s on a network disconnect... I wonder why...

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