OT: Apple at 30 - My Piece of the Big Fruit

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Thu Mar 30 21:29:49 EST 2006


I was hired to head up industrial design at a small startup called 
'Compaq.' Each day I hauled my Mac 128 up the elvator and the CEO would 
make some sort of comment about why I didn't use a Compaq, to which I 
replied, "as soon as it could do what the Mac could do I'd switch."

Years later, when _that_ happened, I did. I think it was 1994. But, I 
did spend 10 years with the Mac. Have to admit, I really missed the culture.

Funny thing, I've got one now, and can't stand using it. I guess it's 
just what you're used to. I still don't understand why I can't resize a 
window from any side :-(

And, for me, the Finder is just impossible to use compared to Explorer. 
Bob LeVitus and I go around and around on that one.


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