OpenStack in Card 1

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu Mar 30 17:00:37 EST 2006

I would recommend opening Message Watcher and see if there are any weird
patterns happening for you.  Pay close attention to which messages get sent
and in which order.

also try in the stack script
on opencard
answer the number of this card
end opencard

which will be the current card when the message was sent.
Exceptions can be when the lock messages is true and when there is more than
one 'on openstack' handler in the message path without the 'pass openstack'
code line at the end of the handler.

Hope this helps.  Remember, there are a lot of complex, smooth-running apps
out there using the message path faithfully.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 3/30/06 12:57 PM, "Francis Nugent Dixon" <effendi at> wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> In the documentation, it clearly states that the OpenStack and
> preOpenStack are sent to "the destination card" in the stack,
> which will usually be card 1 (unless otherwise specified). So
> your "remember" is correct. I had problems in this area before
> I read the documentation (and this is a different action from our
> old and loved HC). I put the scripts everywhere to make sure
> they would be called, even using :
>   on opencard
>    openStack
>   end openCard.
> because I couldn't get consistent proof of "WHEN and WHY"
> (this just shows how frustrated I became !)
> I asked the famous Mr. Rinaldi (if he didn't know - who would !),
> and he gave me an answer which I could not ALWAYS prove.
> I asked questions about a month ago on this forum. I never got
> a satisfactory answer. ("OpenStack ?",  March 04)
> Now I use a HomeStack principle to send the OpenStack commands
> to my called stack, solving the well known "uncertainty" principle
> (sorry Mr. Heisenberg !) of  "WHEN is openStack executed ?"
> Even today, I don't know (and now I don't care) because I found a
> solution which is satisfactory to me !
> Best
> -Francis
> "Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"
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