Palettes and the defaultMenuBar

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Mar 30 15:59:01 EST 2006

I have a stack acting as the main window of an app, accompanied by a  
couple of palettes, one as a toolbar the other as a display. These  
palettes don't have their own menus, but when I click on one of them,  
the menubar which I have set for the main window is replaced by a  
defaultMenuBar which I created to give a minimal 'Quit' and 'Help'  
for some subsidiary windows. It seems I can't set the menubar of my  
palettes to the main menu group in my main stack (this is not legal  
Transcript), so how can I stop the switch taking place? So far I've  
only thought of somehow zapping the defaultMenuBar whenever the main  
window appears. Is this the solution other people use?



Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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