Navigating through added XML data?

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Mar 30 13:38:30 EST 2006

On 3/30/06 12:01 PM, "John Patten" <johnpatten at> wrote:

>   put revXMLNumberOfChildren(cd fld "XMLID","URL_Table",,-1) into
> numberOfNodes
>   put (numberOfNodes div 10)into theNewNode
>   add 1 to TheNewNode

Just curious, John... why did you need to divide the number of child nodes
by 10 and add 1 to get the new node number? Wouldn't it just be (the number
of children + 1) ?

> This seems to work correctly, however i do notice in the XML file the new
> attribute has all the content after it in addition to the nodes that have it
> individually. Not sure why it's doing that?

You mean all the child nodes have the same content? Can you provide an
example of what you're seeing?
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