preOpenStack, openStack in Card 1?? Rules conformation.

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Thu Mar 30 11:19:23 EST 2006

Hi Dave,

> I remember a while back I saw something about the preOpenStack and 
> openStack handlers in Card 1 of the mainStack. Since then I have 
> always placed these handlers in Card 1 and "passed" them (via pass 
> command) to the Stack. However I can't seem to find that email 
> anymore, could someone elaborate on how this works?

The Rev Docs (at least the old ones on my Mac) are wrong.  They say 
preOpenStack and openStack are sent to the STACK; however I just tested 
this, and obviously the first CARD of the stack falls within the 
Message Path for these messages.

And you don't need to pass them unless you have preOpenStack and/or 
openStack handlers in the stack script as well as the card script.

Rob Cozens
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