running a process in the background

Brian Yennie briany at
Thu Mar 30 02:41:09 EST 2006


This would still require inserting code, but it may be useful to look 
wait for 1 milliseconds with messages

The [with messages] piece will actually allow other handlers to 
execute, so you could, for example, have a timed update script firing 
at every "wait" message. It would still require code insertion, but 
maybe just a sprinkling of 1 liners with a separate update script 

This is a little like basic threading, as the wait command gives a 
"yield" that lets other messages fire.

Hope that helps-


> On 3/28/06 12:01 PM, "Chris Sheffield" <cmsheffield at> wrote:
>> Thanks, Ken.  Unfortunately that didn't quite do the trick for me.
>> My situation seems a little bit different from that explained in this
>> link.  I tried adapting it to work for me but couldn't quite get
>> there.  No matter what I try, once the report building process starts
>> I can't do anything else.  And this is a lot of code executing.  So
>> going into it at this point and putting in some kind of command here
>> and there to update my modal dialog would be a lot of work.  I think
>> this is a situation where threads would come in handy.
>> Anyway, thanks for the idea, but got any others?  :-)

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