[OT] Rev Media and the product line gap

sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Wed Mar 29 23:59:36 EST 2006

>Hey Jim,
>Maybe you, Dennis and I should meet at Harbor Freight and just go wild.
>Love that place.

I love these sort of tools. Had a welder & gas torches, on bulky trash day
I'd load the pick-up truck with old bed frames & other scrap metal. Brought
home the front end of an old Rambler (American Motors auto for you Europeans)
once and cut, welded, & combined with old draft horse 'stuff' and 
made me a nice
cart for my one ton draft horse. Had a chain crank for 'twitching' 
out logs from
the woodlot and could pull the Rambler tires off to bolt on a set of 
units for use in snow.

Not much call for horse drawn sleds here in the Mediterranean though...
left that behind along with some other 'stuff'   ;-)

I suppose I'm also in that marketing  'undefined group' which is 
otherwise known
as 'inventive user' to the rest of us.


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