Can't pass array function result as parameter

James Spencer jspencer78 at
Wed Mar 29 23:42:18 EST 2006

Can anyone confirm this problem.  I'm getting an array from a  
function in a library.  I modify that array and then pass it to a  
handler also in the library.  The debugger is showing that the  
modified array is valid and contains what it should but the parameter  
in the library is shown as empty.  I've found a work around by  
copying the elements of the array to a new array and passing that but  
obviously this should not be necessary.

Bugzilla shows a bug in the Windows version of 2.7 that is probably  
the same bug, #3411, but there, the poster stated that they could  
resolve the problem by simply placing the array they are getting from  
the function into a temporary variable and then passing that where  
I'm seeing the problem even when I put it into a temp (as I'm  
necessarily doing as I modify the array before passing back to the  
library again.

James P. Spencer
Rochester, MN

jspencer78 at

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