Big problem? I can't add a stack to a standalone in 2.7

Dr. Robert E. Ball reball at
Wed Mar 29 15:10:30 EST 2006

Thank you!!! Where would we be without you to assist us?

On 3/29/06 10:24 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

> Dr. Robert E. Ball wrote:
>> I recently upgraded from 2.5.1 to 2.7 and converted my stacks (after backing
>> them up). Next, I added a new main stack to my application. However, when I
>> attempted to build a new standalone that included the new 2.7 stack, I
>> couldn't add it to the standalone in the "Standalone Application Settings".
>> When I clicked on the "Add stack file" in the Stacks menu of the Standalone
>> Application Settings, all of the 2.7 files were grayed out -- but not the
>> 2.5.1 files. Seems to be a big bug in 2.7. Or am I missing something?
> It's a bug; the inspector hasn't been updated yet (it's been reported
> and will be fixed.) For now, you can add those files manually via a
> short script or the message box:
>   set the stackfiles of this stack to <whatever>
> The "<whatever>" should be a list of stacks, one stack per line, with
> two items in each line. The first item is the short stack name, and the
> second item is a relative path to the stack file on disk. See the
> "stackfiles" entry in the docs for specifics.

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