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Wed Mar 29 13:24:27 EST 2006

Hope this is a good place for this, my apologies if not.

After doing trials of earlier versions of Rev, I've downloaded and am giving the newest a 30-day run.
So far, so good! The documentation/help has come a LONG way. It's the best I've seen, and with that in mind, I'd like to offer a suggestion for the documentation.

In the functions dictionary, the following would be very helpful:
A small space to allow user contributions and short code examples that are relevant to the function (perhaps at the bottom after the official definition). This could include gotchas, unusual uses of the function, and simple syntax examples from real-world use.

A case in point where this would help: I spent many hours trying to work with the function revQueryDatabase(). No place in the function dictionary could I find what was supposed to be returned by that function. I finally found a post from the runrev list that described someone else receiving "a weird incrementing number" as a return. I still can't figure out what that returned value is or what it is for. It'd be nice if the Rev gurus were able to submit short tips, such as one explaining that return value, in the function library.

John Ballard

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